[Solved] Assignment 219098


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Subject: Physics / General Physics
In the figure, light is incident at angle ?1 = 24.0° on a boundary between two transparent materials. Some of the light then travels down through the next three layers of transparent materials, while some of it reflects upward and then escapes into the air. The index of refractions are n1 = 1.32, n2 = 1.40, n3 = 1.32, n4 = 1.53 and nair = 1.00.A. What is the value of ?4 in the bottom material?B. What is the value of ?5 in the air?http://d2vlcm61l7u1fs.cloudfront.net/media%2Fab2%2Fab2d27a6-83da-49f4-b689-09bfa1e74633%2Fphp7Ua1vV.png

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[Solved] Assignment 219098
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