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1- =r lV. Presentation of Self Essay: Culture, Socialization, and Presentation of Self. 25% ol final grade.
Paper 20 points is to be fotjr – between 1300 and 1750 words or 4 to 5 pages long; t2 size fonq
margins; double or !% spaced; 1 inch Small Group Formal Presentation (5 points): L5 minutes long, Submit Outline; Paper is due Online
This is an introductory class where you are learning course concepts and theories and how to analyze
sociologically, and I understand that many of these will be new for you. The assignment is designed to help
you learn to think sociologically about your own experience and the social world around you. A minimum of
four pages is required (shorter papers will be penalized). A paper slightly longer than five pages is acceptable,
but a longer paper does not mean a ‘better paper.’ Topic Due: Session Four
Final Essay Submitted and Small Group Formal Presentation: Session Six A. The Paper: Choose from one of the two below topics (choose topic 1 OR topic 2): for a job, going on a first date, joining the military,
applying for university, the construction of a social or professional networking site such as Facebook
or Linkedln. 1. a goal directed behavior such as applying OR 2, an instance when your social status and social role suddenly changed because you: a. were seriously ill OR
b. experienced a sudden loss through death or divorce OR
c. found yourself unemployed through firing, being laid off, downsizing, a sudden move of your family, or the closure of the business, etc.
You will be graded on the use of specific sociological concepts from Chapters 4,5, & 6 to analyze and discuss the goal directed behavior or sudden change in status/social role in terms of culture,
socialization, and the presentation of self, Write the paper first and then go back, re-read it for
revisions, and please be sure to use several of the bolded sociological concepts in the body of your paper. Use the below questions and prompts to guide your answers
interpret your experience. as you use the concepts to Page 5 of 1O 1. Culture: The dimensions of culture and cultural expectations that shaped your experience
and that guided your behavior during the goal directed behavior or change ofstatus/social
role: Culture_is learned, shared, and patterned behavior that characterizes a particular society
and that provides meaning and structure to people’s lives; it includes taken-for-granted
(institutionalized) norms, mores, values, beliefs, behaviors, goals, material culture, language,
and sanctiorls for violated social norms. Which of these shaped your experience? How so?
Culture is also reflected in social institutions. Did any social institutions provide a foundation
for the way that you behaved? Ethnocentrism and cultural relativity also mold our
understandings of goals and changes in social status/roles and may be important concepts to
interpret your experience. Review Chapter Four for useful concepts. 2. Building ldentity & Socialization: What agents of socialization shaped your behavior during
the goal directed behavior or change in status/social role? What social roles did you play or
have to adjust? Did any social roles come into role conflict? How did you learn these social
roles and how difficult was it to adjust? Did you have to modify essential aspects of your
identity and self-perception? Why? Explain. Review Chapter Five for useful concepts.
3. The Presentation of Self; Describe and explain efforts you made to manage the
impressions you made on others while involved in the goal directed behavior, or adjusting to
the changed social status and social role. Use Goffman’s dramaturlical sociology to discuss
your presentation of self during the goal directed behavior or change in status/social role.
Review Chapter Six for useful concepts.
ln the body ofyour paper,
Use sociological concepts in your analysis is critical to demonstrate your mastery of class
tearning outcomes. An essay that is descriptive only and that does not use sociological concepts 1. within the text of the paper is not acceptable work for the assignment.
Hint re: Analyzing and conceptualizing: Before you start writing, circle the concepts asked for in the
assignment; in your essay, thoroughly apply them to interpret the experience you describe. One
way to organize your response conceptually is to reframe the questions asked in an assignment in
your paper. For example, “One agent of socialization that shaped my behavior is the mass media. I
had a sense of how I should behave when I was fired from having watched numerous films. For
example, L…” Show me that you know what the concept means. ln the above example, you would
show how the mass media as a socialization agent helped shaped your cultural response.
Agents of socialization teach us how to be members of our culture.
2. Cite specific instances of your use of the Newman text like this: (Newman, p. 101). While no
external sources are needed for this assignment, if you do use them, cite them using the APA or MLA citation formats and include a Reference or Works Cited section at the end of your paper.
3. Grading Criteria: Review the COLS grading policies and rubrics at the end of syllabus. You ore
graded on your essay writing ability as well os the content of your writing in COLS classes. The use of
sociological concepts in your onolysis is imperative. Make on appointment with the Writing Center if
you know you hove trouble with your writing. for each paper (5 points). Provide an oral presentation to a small group of
students, While this is a presentation to a small group, it is still a formal presentation. You will need a
script (typed outline or PowerPoint) to use for presenting and will then submit along with your paper
on Blackboard. Each group will have a time keeper; there will be a warning when you have five
minutes left. Practice your time – presentations that are too short or too long may both lose points.
B. Presentation 15 minutes

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[Solved] Assignment 219121
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