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45.Explain time studies.46.Explain time and motion studies.47.Who is Henri Fayol and what did he contribute to the field of management?48.What is the difference between “unity of command” and “unity of direction”?49.Name 5 principles of management as identified by Fayol?50.What is an initiative, according to the principles of management as created by Fayol?51.What is Taylorism?52.Why did the work of Fayol, Taylor and the Gilbreths become less effective over time?53.Who was Peter Drucker?54.What is the difference in the early view and modern view of manager-as-leader?55.How do Peters and Waterman describe the principle of Hands-On, Value-Driven?56.Companies use social networking systems internally to help their employees identify new ideas.A)TrueB)False57.The use of online social networking principles can open the door to outside collaborations.A)TrueB)False58.In a learning organization, sharing knowledge quickly throughout the organization is the way to make everyone a smart, contributing member.A)TrueB)False59.One-on-one communication in a virtual organization is preferable because it keeps everyone up to speed and promotes learning across the organization.A)TrueB)False60.Wikis let people contribute to a project anytime.A)TrueB)False61.The term social movement refers to a type of group that:A)Imitates corporations to improve employee morale in organizationsB)Is focused on specific political or social issuesC)Mimic societyD)Performs activities outside the workplace62.Just as companies are outsourcing specific jobs, so social movements can:A)Hire outsourced employeesB)Outsource employeesC)Contract out projectsD)Contract out tasks like lobbying and fundraising63.In the corporate world, social networks are starting points for corporate innovation:A)Building relationships between managers and employeesB)Improving policies on sick leave and other benefitsC)Bringing limitless arrangements of individuals inspired by opportunities or tasksD)Building diversity among the workforce64.Some companies maintain a physical presence on Facebook because:A)Everyone else doesB)It allows consumers to chime in about their passionsC)Their employees insist the organizations have a presence on FacebookD)Their regular marketing needs are not met65.In the information age, what do social networks do best?A)Share customersB)Promote productsC)Allow employees to build relationshipsD)Create secure sites for employees to collaborate on projects66.How did Netflix use social networking principles to improve efficiency?A)Netflix improved algorithms that match movie lovers to titles they enjoyB)Netflix matched individual employees to customersC)Netflix hired inventors from outside the companyD)Netflix offered rewards for the best ideas in improving efficiency67.A way to test ideas in small steps is:A)ExperimentationB)Learning from past experienceC)Learning from othersD)Transferring knowledge68.The company that relies on computer and telecommunications technologies instead of physical presence for communication between employees is a:A)Learning organizationB)Social organizationC)Service organizationD)Virtual organization69.Virtual companies present special leadership challenges because:A)Emails, wikis and web meetings require special technological know howB)Employees are located in the same city but just not at one locationC)Communication is not the most important aspect of the organizationD)It’s essential for leaders to keep people informed of what they are supposed to be doing and what other arms of the organization are doing.70.Leaders of social movements depend on ________ rather than _________ to motivate participants to action.71.___________ refers to systems that allow members of a specific site to learn about other members’ skills, talents, knowledge, or preferences.72.In the corporate world, a social network is made up of individuals who share a(an) ______________ and other interests.73.______________ is an organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights.74._____________ infers that a company must have a consistent method for solving problems, using data and statistical tools rather than assumptions.75.In a learning organization, sharing ____________ throughout the organization is the way to make everyone a smart, contributing member.76.An organization where employees work remotely, sometimes within the same city, but more often across a country and across national borders is called a(n) __________________.77.A _________ is a way for many people to collaborate and contribute to an online document or discussion.78.The most famous wiki is _____________.79.What is social networking in the corporate world?80.Why was Facebook started?81.Why do some companies maintain a physical presence on Facebook?82.How are companies applying online the social networking model?83.Why do virtual organizations present special leadership challenges?84.What benefits do Wikis provide companies?85.Many nations have signed the Kyoto Protocol on climate change and pledged to begin the long process of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.A)TrueB)False86.Executives across the world believe that business has a responsibility to address issues like environmental concerns only so far as the law requires .A)TrueB)False87.The field of transportation and shipping has now required employees to know science and math.A)TrueB)False88.Organizations and social movements alike are using wikis to help people find others with the skills and talents to solve pressing problems.A)TrueB)False89.By the end of 2008, 60% of the world’s population was using mobile phones.A)TrueB)False90.The low cost of computers compared to phones puts them in the hands of more people around the world.A)TrueB)False91.The fastest phone growth is in developing countries.A)TrueB)False92.In some countries, it is considered rude to say “no”.A)TrueB)False93.In countries like Russia and Greece, family and background count for more than performance does.A)TrueB)False94.Why are employees today in the transportation and shipping industry required to know advanced math?A)They’re called upon to do mathematical models of networksB)They’re called upon to figure out warehousingC)They’re called upon to deliver products to other countriesD)They’re no longer called knuckle-dragging box pushers95.What kind of expertise do supply chain masters need at Intel?A)Science, communication, engineeringB)Statistics, risk management and modelingC)Transportation planning, green energy, and global supplyD)Math, science and engineering96.The penetration of mobile phones is changing the way we do business because:A)The cost of phones is lowB)Increasing sophistication of phonesC)We can send text instead of voiceD)People are more connected and able to share more information97.OhmyNews is a popular newspaper that:A)Is written by 60 citizen reportersB)Is written by 60,000 citizen reportersC)Is written by 600 citizen reportersD)Is written by 6 citizen reporters98.Working with people from different countries can be a challenge because of:A)Language issues and different cultural normsB)Cross-cultural misunderstandingsC)Different work skills according to cultural normsD)Global strategic communication99.The GLOBE project describes a project that includes all EXCEPT:A)Included 170 researches working togetherB)Collected attributes from over 17,000 managersC)Collected data in 62 societal culturesD)Proposed and validated a theory of relationship between culture and government100.______________ is leading to failing crops, rising sea levels, shortages of drinking water, and increasing death tolls from outbreaks of disease like malaria and dengue fever.101.Currently there are ______ nations that have signed the Kyoto Protocol.102.___________ is a term that means to pretend to be green through tiny steps and heavy advertising.103.The field of transportation and shipping has become known as _____________.104.By the mid 2008, more than _______ people were online, and that number continues to increase each year.105.The __________ gives managers the tools to help problems find solutions, customers find suppliers, and innovators find markets.106.Organizations and social movements alike are using ________ to help people find others with the skills and talents to solve pressing problems.107.By the end of 2008, _______ of the world’s population were using mobile phones.108.By the end of 2008, ________ people in the world were using mobile phones.109.In South Africa, _______ of small black-owned businesses rely solely on mobile phones.110.OhmyNews is a popular newspaper written by __________ contributing citizen reporters.111.Some experts have argued that most U.S. companies are not positioned to implement global strategies due to a lack of global ____________ capabilities.112.___________ reflects the extent to which members of a society attempt to cope with anxiety by minimizing uncertainty.113.According to McKinsey’s global survey of trends, business executives think that which trend will have the greatest impact on their companies in the next five years?114.How has the field of transportation and shipping changed the demands on employees?115.What is an e-lance economy?116.What does mobile connectivity mean to the work place?117.Why is the MIT-based Vehicle Design Summit virtual?118.Should you reward people for performance improvement and excellence in the United States the same way you reward in Singapore?119.Briefly identify the nine dimensions of culture identified by the 2006 GLOBE report?120.Should an employer establish rules, procedures and social norms to help their employees deal with uncertainty?121.Countries where uncertainty avoidance is high are Brazil and Switzerland.A)TrueB)False122.In highly assertive countries, competition between individuals and groups is discouraged.A)TrueB)False123.The United States and Austria are highly assertive countries.A)TrueB)False124.Sweden and New Zealand are high assertive countries.A)TrueB)False125.In high power distance countries, decision-making power is distributed equally among the groups.A)TrueB)False126.People in positions of authority in high power distance societies expect obedience.A)TrueB)False127.Countries with low gender egalitarianism are male-dominated.A)TrueB)False128.Countries with low institutional collectivism emphasize individual achievement and rewards.A)TrueB)False129.People in societies where uncertainty avoidance is high want:A)Are less rule-orientedB)Tolerate a variety of opinionsC)Are open to change and taking risksD)Want strict rules, laws and policies130.People, in societies where assertiveness is low:A)Prefer harmony in relationshipsB)Want to be rewarded for the best ideasC)Are encouraged to compete among themselvesD)Take risks more often131.People in high-power distance societies expect:A)Cooperative interaction across power levelsB)EqualityC)Opportunity for everyoneD)Unequal power distribution and greater stratification132.In countries with low institutional collectivism:A)Emphasize individual achievementB)Reward groups rather than individualsC)Tolerate diversity of ideasD)Encourage hierarchical decision-making133.Company structures which are hierarchical and decisions are made only by top managers represent:A)High on power distance dimensionsB)Low on power distance dimensionsC)High on institutional collectivismD)Low on institutional collectivism134._____________ reflects the extent to which members of a society attempt to cope with anxiety by minimizing uncertainty.135.Hong Kong and Malaysia are countries with ____________ uncertainty avoidance.136.Sweden and New Zealand are ________ assertive countries.137.People in low assertive countries prefer harmony in _____________ and emphasize loyalty and solidarity.138.______________ reflects the extent to which the less powerful members of institutions and organizations expect and accept that power is distributed unequally.139.Thailand, Brazil, and France are countries which reflect____________ power distance.140.Egypt and South Korea are countries with __________ gender egalitarianism.141.________________ refers to the extent to which people act predominantly as a member of a life-long group or organization.142.The United States is a country with ________ institutional collectivism.143._____________ is defined as one’s expectations and the degree to which one is thoughtful about the future.144.China and Singapore are countries with __________ future orientation.145.Mexico ranks _________ on the power distance dimension than the U.S.146.What kind of incentives do managers offer for employees in countries where competition between individuals and groups is encouraged?147.What do people in Australia expect in their workplace because of their power distance rating?148.What differences might you expect as a manager in a society with low gender egalitarianism?149.Should you reward people for being fair, altruistic, generous, and kind to others?150.Explain the multifaceted concept of future orientation.151.What was the cause of the failure of the joint venture between the American company Corning and the Mexican glass manufacturer Vitro?152.What does a global manager need to know in order to be successful?153.People who behave unethically have a character flaw.A)TrueB)False154.Leaders of an organization set the moral tone of the organization.A)TrueB)False155.Ethics implies deciding on a course of action when clear decision rules are available.A)TrueB)False156.The ________________ sought to reform corporate governance practices in large U.S. public companies.157.One way to tackle ethical dilemmas is to follow a(an) _________________ process.158.A global study of business ethics, published by the American Management Association found what three reasons for a lapse of business ethics?159.What is the purpose of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?160.What is the importance of ethical behavior among managers in an organization?161.What are the steps to ethical decision-making?

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