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This assignment has three parts. Unlike most journal multimedia assignments, this one has a 600 minimum word count.The first part should be completed after Activity 1: Conscious Communication Day. The other two parts should be completed after all module content has been reviewed. See below for specific instructions for each part.Write a short reflective essay about your conscious communication day. Tell me about your day. Address at least three of the seven areas listed in the activity (your choice). Discuss what you did and how you think it was perceived by others. How did you feel? What was difficult? Etc. At the end of this section, conclude with the overall challenges and observations that you have about your efforts. What did this activity make you realize?
For this part of the assignment, do a true and honest evaluation of yourself as a listener. After reading the chapter, completing both the online and textbook listening assessments, and reflecting on your own listening habits, answer the following:
What did the results say? Did your online results correspond to the chapter assessment results? Do you agree?
How would you rate yourself as a listener? Be honest and explain.
How often do you think you go through all 5 steps of the listening process? When do you complete the entire process? When don’t you make it all the way through the process for effective listening? Why do you think this is?
Finally, consider the first two parts of this assignment, your conscious communication day experience and the listening assessments. Conclude the reflective journal entry by identifying what you need to improve upon as a communicator generally and as a listener specifically. How do you plan to focus on this improvement?
Set at least two goals that relate to communication and listening skills and steps to help you reach them.This is activity 1 for part one (Conscious Communication Day):Moving from mindless to mindful communication isn’t as easy as it may seem. Oftentimes, we make a singular effort but then revert back to more casual, mindless patterns of interaction. This activity is aimed at focusing your communication for an entire day so that your exchanges are more conscious and mindful. For an entire day, practice mindful and conscious communication. Try to follow these guidelines:Avoid mindless communication. Refrain from answering questions in ritualistic, routine ways. Rather than asking, “How are you?” ask, “How did your weekend go?”
Connect with each person you meet in a sincere and interested way. Don’t allow your mind to wander to others in the room, the things you need to do, what’s happened to you in the past, or what you are going to have for lunch.
Don’t give up. When you find yourself communicating mindlessly, simply remind yourself of your goal and get back on track.
Communicate ethically. Refrain from telling “little white lies” during your day.
Communicate authentically. Do not say things just to please people if you don’t mean them; speak your mind, from your heart.
Analyze each communication situation for the needs and expectations of others. Think about possible communication choices before you speak. Adapt your communication to each listener or audience you encounter throughout the day.
Ask for and honestly evaluate the feedback you receive. Use the feedback to determine how successful you were in accomplishing your purpose and as a source of corrective information capable of informing future communication choices.

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[Solved] Assignment 219123
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