[Solved] Assignment 219180


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Subject: Business    / Management
QuestionYou will be working on and completing a course-long project throughout this course.Therefore, you need to begin to consider a topic that you would like to explore in detail.For instance, you might:Like to undertake the design and building of a home or a complex multi-room addition.
Want to remodel a portion of your home — not just a room or two.
Host a charity event.
Desire to completely plan out a wedding with all of its details — pre-wedding activities as well.
Build a restaurant, bridge, church, highway.
Have a project at work that you need to manage and/or complete.
Plan an elaborate event.
Etc.This project MUST be a project that is complex and detailed. Simple, one-person projects, will not work.The project you select must be something that will have at least 60 tasks (80-90 is ideal; avoid greater than 100) to it (tasks/work/scope), require several people (at least 3 people) (resources) to complete the tasks, use materials in the project i.e. paint, wood, wedding gown, photographer, banquet hall, etc. (cost/budget), and take several weeks or months to complete (time frame/deadline). Summary or heading tasks do not count towards the 60 task minimum needed.It cannot be a project that is just a list of tasks in a sequence that only you are going to do (you doing every task going from one task to another one at a time). It must involve at least three people working on different tasks, simultaneously. Much like person 1 doing one task, while person 2 is doing another task, all while person 3 is doing a third task — all working at the same time (same day and same time, i.e. Monday at 8:00 a.m.).Tasks should also be major, not step-by-step instructions. For example, one person may be hanging a door (not get door, put on hinges, secure hinges, close) while another will be painting a room (not grab paint can, open, stir, pout into painting receptacle) and another will be hanging a ceiling fan (not unbox fan, take out fan blades, etc.). You get the point.When you decide on a topic, start to put together a Project Plan based on major deliverables, activities, tasks, costs, budget and time required. In the coming weeks we will formalize how you will be completing this project.

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[Solved] Assignment 219180
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