[Solved] Assignment 219327


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Subject: Business    / General Business
Due on: 03/18/2017
QuestionRead Problem 6: The “Monique Food Processing Company” in Chapter 8 of your text.Monique Food Processing Company produces light snacks that can be heated in a microwave. The following steps are included in the process:StepsDescriptionCapacity (Units/Hour)1Prepare food2002Measure and place in plastic pouch1753Prepare cardboard box2004Insert pouch into box3005Shrink-wrap box200What is the system capacity, and which is the bottleneck department?
How much slack (unused capacity) is available in other departments?
How much system capacity can be gained by adding capacity to the bottleneck?
What are the key factors that determine when to add capacity?
Why would an organization want to reduce its capacity?Make and include calculations. Answer questions “a” through “e.” Your response should be 200-250 words.Guided Response:Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Some ways could include alternate solutions or calculations, and/or by challenging classmates’ on scenarios of when it is best to “add” or when it is best to “reduce” capa

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[Solved] Assignment 219327
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