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QuestionWhich of the following is true of facility management organization approval of strategic objectives for a tactical plan?Strategic objective approval is at the sole discretion of executives/clients, never the facility manager.Strategic objectives above a certain value or planning complexity may require executive/client approval.Strategic objectives and tactical plans never need approval.Strategic objective approval is always at the discretion of the facility manager regardless of cost or planning complexity.Which of the following is true when developing rules for organizational codes of conduct?Rules are intended to replace reason with position power.Rules intended only for facility management staff need not be compatible with the organization’s rules.Rules generally need to be more detailed than principles.Rules that reinforce organizational culture should be included even when not enforceable.When facility managers and staff know when they or others are underperforming, performing adequately, exceeding expectations, or overreaching their authority, staff aremore likely to need management’s help the next time they encounter problems.more likely to perceive criticism of themselves or others as fair.less likely to feel empowered due to management meddling.less likely to accomplish work without some duplication of effort.In which of the following balanced scorecard categories would performance drivers be located if they are used to minimize equipment down time?Financial perspectiveInnovation and learning perspectiveBusiness process perspectiveCustomer perspectiveWhich of the following is an example of an employee who is showing true acceptance to a change in work processes?An employee who is seeking creative ways to make the new process work for him or her.An employee who complies with the change to the extent that she must but shows little enthusiasm.An employee who seems unaware of the new process and continues to use the old process.An employee who has seen similar change efforts fail and expresses self pity about the current project.A facility management organization has a backlog of tasks that require staff to work a great deal of overtime. Staff are clearly under duress. To offset the duress, the manager uses job enrichment to add some high content tasks. According to Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy which of the following is true of this scenario?The job enrichment changes will provide the second highest degree of motivation possible.The job enrichment changes will provide the highest degree of motivation possible.The job enrichment changes will not provide motivation.Job enrichment will fail unless it is accompanied by strategic planning.The results from a feasibility study showed that constructing a new plant would have the best economic feasibility for an organization. However, construction plus relocation time will prevent the organization from meeting its time-to-market strategic objective. Assuming viable leasing and building spaces are available, which of the following should the facility manager recommend?Build the new facility on the original schedule because it is more important to meet long-term cost goals than a time-to-market objective.Build the new facility but rush construction and relocation in order to meet time-to-market objectives even if it significantly increases risks of project failure.Lease and modify an existing facility (even if it costs more but is still economically feasible), as long as it gets production capacity available soon enough to meet the organization’s time-to-market objectives.Cancel the strategic plans and re-perform strategic facility studies until a solution is found that can feasibly address all strategic oAn organization has a traditional functional/structural model. Even though each department can prove it has efficient internal processes, nevertheless the overall processes are slow compared to benchmark organizations. Which of the following is likely occurring?Matrix two-boss problemImmoral or amoral management cultureDepartments are in the storming phaseSilo or stovepipe effectWhich of the following is true of power versus influence?A superior uses reward power to grant a subordinate personal influence.Personal influence is solely at the discretion of subordinates.Position power is necessary but not sufficient for effective leadership.Position power cannot be exercised without personal influence.Which of the following is true of marketing the facility management organization?A primary value proposition is that the FM organization is a critical sustainer of core business effectiveness such as production capacity.FM organizational marketing plans are necessarily complex and costly.Marketing the FM organization is not a political task except in a dysfunctional organizational culture.Focusing on delivering services as efficiently and effectively as possible sufficiently shows the value of the FM organization.Which of the following levels of accountability would be assigned to a self-directed team (i.e., a team with both high task maturity and psychological maturity)?ActRecommendationAct conditionallyAct and report on exceptions onlyA facility manager links the responsibility for each FM function and asset to a job position. How does the facility manager make sure the responsibilities are fulfilled on a day-to-day basis?Reviewing all deliverables for completion and correctnessWriting the responsibilities into job descriptionsProviding task assignments and scheduling according to the responsibilitiesBuilding strong teams that can ensure all tasks get doneWhich of the following is the main goal of the processes used to align FM strategy to organizational strategy?Minimize the short-term costs of a given organizational strategy.Generate a strategic or macro statement of requirements.Get approval and funding released for a given scenario alternative.Move from a cost-driven approach to a business-driven approach.Facility management policies, procedures, and practicesfrequently affect choices that entire organization staff and managers make.for contractors vary because they must specify the processes for the required tasks.specify minimum standards for work but allow workers to define the maximum amount of work.cannot take required skill levels for services into account when assigning expected time or cost.Which of the following topics address corporate social responsibilities?Select two.Community reinvestment and use of local goods and services.Conflicts of interest in business dealings.Work/life balance for employees.Preservation of asset value and integrity.When an overall strategic planning process includes measurement and feedback steps, which of the following does this enable?Tactical plan executionContinual improvementFormation of tactical plansStrategic plan executionWhich of the following methods of innovation are concise and practical examples, tools, and methods that often originate from external sources such as the benchmarked results of other organizations?Change managementReengineeringBest practicesContinual improvementWhen assessing whether to change a practice in the facility management organizational structure, facility managers should do which of the following?Ensure the practice is identical to core organizational structure practice.Survey FM staff to determine how many always do the practice that way.Make the change and carefully observe FM staff behavior for a while.Discover the history of the practice.When developing goals for the facility management organization, facility managers start withan external focus on the entire organization.an internal focus on FM employee and contractor needs.an external focus on laws, standards, and regulations.an internal focus on FM mission and vision.Which of the following task or maintenance roles would be best able to mitigate the harmful effects of a team member who is occupying a social loafer role?Gatekeeper roleInitiator roleClarifier roleHarmonizer roleAccording to the Belbin Team Role Inventory, a completer finisher would benefit most from a job design that emphasized which of the following job characteristics models?Skill varietyFeedbackTask identityTask significanceWhich of the following covers a facility manager’s portfolio of facilities and may include elements such as a gap analysis, recommendations for new spaces or buildings, and recommendations for new service programs?Tactical planFacilities registerStrategic facility planStatement of requirementsA facility manager is interviewing candidates for a facility position that requires a specialist with a graduate-degree level of technical skills and excellent people skills. All else being equal between the candidates, the facility manager should hire the candidate withan undergraduate degree in an unrelated field but the second best people skills.an undergraduate degree in the relevant field but the weakest people skills.a graduate degree in the relevant field but the third best people skills.some education but practical experience in the relevant tasks and the best people skills.According to Fiedler’s contingency theory, which of the following would be the least effective response if a manager’s leadership style is not proving effective?Work to increase the manager’s leader-member relationsChange the manager’s position powerTrain the manager to change leadership stylesChange the definition and clarity the manager gives to tasksWin/Lose and Lose/Win negotiationsdo not maintain or increase a positive relationship between parties.are similar in that neither discloses their true bottom line.do not involve either party using positional-based tactics.are also called confrontation and compromising respectively.Which of the following are speaking and writing techniques that a facility manager should consider using to market facility services and ensure that facility management needs and priorities are met?Select two.Dismissing the audience’s concernsUsing hooks or “grab” paragraphsBringing the audiences “pains” to the forefrontUsing detailed argumentsAccording to Hershey-Blanchard’s situational leadership theory, which of the following styles of leadership should a facility manager take when a subordinate has high technical skills for a task but expresses unwillingness to take responsibility for the task?DelegationParticipationSellingTellingWhich of the following allows facility managers to exercise the most control over teams?Controlling group dynamicsControlling team processesControlling team outputsControlling team inputsA facility manager tells staff exactly what to do and how to do it, but feels overworked because often the only person he can trust to do a job is himself. Which of the following does this facility manager lack?Select two.Technical facility management expertiseSubordinates with the ability to follow throughSecurity in his position powerConfidence in subordinatesA facility manager regularly visits staff on the job and expresses concern for helping each individual accomplish his or her work and it seems to have a positive motivating effect on work output. Which of the following management styles is this facility manager using?Laissez faire managementManage through employee empowerment (manage with a loose rein)Hybrid management style of responsibility to executives and management as a linear processManage by walking aroundWhich of the following is true of the change process for a strategic facility plan?Interim changes require executive or board approval, even when minor.The change process records problematic areas but not areas of particular success.Significant changes may require a detailed business case to propose the change.Strategic facility plans should be updated only as they expire, every 3 to 5 yearFacility staff treat a facility manager with more respect because of his attendance at corporate strategy sessions. Which of the following is the type of personal influence this facility manager has?Representative powerReward powerReferent powerInformation powerWhich of the following is used to measure whether a balanced scorecard system is on course and if not to enable course corrections while work is in progress?Environmental scanningOutcome measuresFacility register dataPerformance driversWhich of the following is an example of wise implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy?Making tradeoffs between local materials and best available materialsAlways selecting the lowest life-cycle cost materialsSystematically banning sources of harmful emissionsRequiring the use of natural material alternatives when availableWhich of the following is an example of a facility manager who is in compliance with the IFMA Code of Ethics?A facility manager who gives a private verbal warning after observing unethical behavior.A facility manager who offers a contractor a very low pay rate due to a poor economy, saving the facility function money.A facility manager using any reasonable means to resolve conflicts of interest.A facility manager who uses the end of an IFMA member training session to market a complementary service that her private firm offers.Facility managers undertake planning and organization of staffing to supply the facility management organization withSelect two.sufficient employees to address the full set of FM challenges.employees/contractors that have right mix of skills and experience.the optimum balance of employees versus contractors.employees/contractors that all have FM-specific educational backgrounds.Which of the following is true of customer relationship management?The philosophy that the customer is always right has a positive effect on facility management customer relationships.Excellent or creative error recovery can be a source of customer satisfaction.Facility staff empowerment can be detrimental to customer service due to reduced service delivery consistency.A policy of zero errors is a best practice for maintaining customer relations.Which of the following is true of facility management organization processes or outputs early in the strategy life cycle?FM vision statements combine what customers feel is the FM organization’s purpose with organizational requirements.The final mission and vision statement is far more important than the process of producing them, so facility managers have the final say.FM mission statements combine what the FM staff feel are the FM organization’s principles with the opportunities or strengths of the FM organization.An organization’s comprehensive data is verified, meaning that no estimated data is allowed.A facility manager is approached by a subordinate with a complaint. As the person is speaking, the facility manager begins to formulate a response so he will be ready to speak when the subordinate is finished. At best, which of the following levels of listening is this facility manager practicing?Selective listeningEmpathic listeningIgnoringActive listeningWhich of the following would be likely used as an outcome measure rather than a performance driver?Number of CFM certifications (number of new approved certifications)Labor costs charged to work orders (time charges and employee labor rates)Staff turnover (number of employees out of division/total employees)Emergency response times (work order generation time and time to site [or repair])Which of the following is a valid type of team reward that will promote teambuilding?Provide intrinsic team rewards such as public executive praise for the group.Provide individual competitive rewards to team members who excel at individual tasks.Provide extrinsic team rewards such as setting less challenging team goals.Provide individual rewards to team members who promote team task focusing.Which of the following helps make the link between the strategic facility plan and the organization’s requirements transparent because it indicates actual customer/internal stakeholder needs?Strategic creative analysis (SCAN)BenchmarkingStrengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysisProgrammingWhich of the following ensures that an organization’s new balanced scorecard system is being used and reflects current strategy?Use leadership to inspire staff to develop their own balanced scorecard measures.Change mission and vision statements to reflect the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard system.Use balanced scorecard success criteria to enforce existing service level agreements and avoid renegotiating the agreements.Change employee review and reward systems to reflect balanced scorecard measures.In a strategic creative analysis (SCAN), after strategic planners select the top rated objective of the facility management organization, what is the next step?Document all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) related to the top rated objective.Document all derived requirements related to the top rated objective.Generate a feasibility study for the top rated objective by cost, time, and quality.Generate a best, most likely, and worst case scenario for the top rated objective.When facility managers link the necessity of their services to customer perceptions of that service, they are establishing which of the following elements of a value proposition with their customers?CostsRisksResultsImportanceWhich of the following may be included in service level agreements (SLAs) as key success indicators?Performance driversStrategic creative analysis (SCAN)Outcome measuresScenario alternativesWhich of the following is true of conflict management?Drops in performance levels or nonverbal cues may be the only way to detect when some conflicts are occurring.Facility managers realize that conflicts reduce team cohesiveness and find ways to prevent all types of conflict.Facility managers designate themselves as mediators using position power and policy, ensuring they will always be used to resolve conflicts.Conflict resolution is designed to first diagnose and then treat the symptoms of the conflict.Which of the following is true of the expectations of facility management stakeholders?Indirect stakeholders do not generally care about organizational growth and profit.Customers may not think consciously about facilities unless there is a problem.Internal stakeholders do not include facility management organization staff or contractors in this category.Suppliers and partners may not generally consider the needs of the facility management organization.A facility manager wants to use some union employees on a facility management project. Which of the following does the facility manager need to negotiate with union representatives?Select two.Use of union versus non-union workers on the projectWages for the union workersTemporary shifts in duties for union workersTraining to join the FM organization so they can be on an FM projectAccording to the Belbin Team Role Inventory, which of the following teams would function best?An implementer as team leader and the team includes two shapers.A plant as team leader and the team includes a completer finisher.A shaper as team leader and the team includes a shaper.A coordinator as team leader and the team includes an implementer.Previous

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