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QuestionPlease complete this Communication Self-Assessment by Sunday, Week 1. You can submit it using the “Upload” button below or directly to your assignment folder through “Assignments” in the blue navbar at the top of your class room screen. (Worth 5% of your final grade.)For this assignment, you will reflect on how your participation in social and cultural activities has contributed to the formation of your identity. Its purpose is for you to demonstrate a practical application of communication concepts to your life. You are to explore how your educational, co-curricular, family, and work experiences have contributed to the way you communicate, using theories from the first week’s readings. Write an essay of at least 700 words. Use these topics to get you started:? Your racial and/or ethnic identity? Your gender identity? Your social class? Your goals to achieve success in life (however you define “success”)? What it means to be healthy? What it means to be positively involved in community activities? What it means to communicate in a mature, competent fashionYou might use this sample essay to help you understand your instructor’s minimum expectations for this assignment.General assessment rubric:Did the essay address how your participation in social and cultural activities contributed to the formation of your identity? (45 points)Did the essay identify any of the communication theories discussed so far? (30 points)Was the essay at least 500-700 words in length? (15 points)Were there any errors in APA format or documentation, or spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax or style? (10 points)

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[Solved] Assignment 219381
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