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Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions
QuestionPlease answer the ten questions with reference to the context and the
answer is worth one tenth of the total score. The assignment counts
final grade for the class. Partial credit will be given for incomplete or
enough work or commentary is shown. For full score, it is not nece
asnwer all the questions. Make sure you label each answer, whether i
table or chart format. Do not hesitate to email me with questions abou
the Excel skills required. This is an individual assignment. You may ve
others, but do not share your work in written or electroni he context and the data provided. Each
ssignment counts towards 15% of your
for incomplete or incorrect answers if
core, it is not necessary to correctly
h answer, whether it is in text, number,
with questions about the assignment, or
nment. You may verbally discuss it with
written or electronic form.As a restaurant manager, you have the option to work with an online company and offer a 4
Currently, your monthly revenue is $50,000 with no offers or discounts, and the total profit
$50 meal sold to one of your regular customers costs you $20 on average and profits $30. I
coupons, some of your regular customers will get to know it and just take advantage of it. T
immediate loss of profit, because the $50 meal is discsounted to $30 and the profit is now o
discount will attract new customers, who will hopefully increase your total profits. a. If after you advertise the coupon, a $10,000 portion of the old $50,000 revenue from you
discounted, and an additional $20,000 discounted revenue arrives from new customers, wh b. Create a formula that links the profit with the portion of the old revenue that has to be d
already discounted revenue that arrives from new customers.
c. Create a two-way table that shows all the possible profits. The two revenue levels can be
d. What would make this a decision model? e. Explain the relationship between this business process and the concepts of customer seg ompany and offer a 40% off coupon on any meal.
s, and the total profit is $30,000. This means that a
age and profits $30. If you start advertising online
ake advantage of it. This will causing you an
and the profit is now only $10. However, the new
total profits. 000 revenue from your regular customers is now
m new customers, what is the new profit? enue that has to be discounted and the the additional evenue levels can be shown with increments of $10,000. cepts of customer segmentation and yield management. ID day-inday-out 1

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[Solved] Assignment 219384
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