[Solved] Assignment 219387


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Subject: Business    / Finance
Project Instructions: Write a 5 – 10 page paper on the following: Assume that you are 30 years old and you plan to
accumulate $1 million by your retirement date, which is 30 years from now. Also, assume that you plan
to live for 25 years after retirement – that is, until age 85. You plan to make 30 annual deposits of equal
amount in your bank to save for retirement. The bank pays 10% interest annually. Assume inflation is 0%.
Your paper must address the following questions: a. How much do you plan to deposit annually to accumulate $1 million for your retirement? b. How much will be your retirement payment (benefit) be? c.
What factor(s) can you change to reduce your annual deposits while improving your annual
retirement benefit? d. How would you allocate your investment among the following primary asset classes, equities
(stocks), fixed income (bonds), real estate, gold, and money market (cash)? Please note that your asset
allocation should be based whether you are a conservative investor, a moderate investor, or an
aggressive investor. e.
What objective would you pursuing in your investment? Capital appreciation or capital
preservation? Your risk tolerance? f.
What investment constraints to consider when making your investment decisions? Liquidity, time
horizon (age), regulatory and legal, and tax considerations? Our paper must include, but not limited to, the following: Title Page, Abstract, Introduction: Discuss what the paper is about. Please include discussion of Time
Value of Money, along with Methodology: Discuss what method or technical you plan to use to solve the
problem. And last the c
onclusion: Based on your analysis, are you happy with your investment decisions? If so, why? Analysis:
– Discuss how much you should invest each year to accumulate $1,000,000. – Discuss how much you will earn in your retirement Discuss variable(s) you could change to reduce your annual deposits while improving your annual
retirement benefit? – Discuss the asset allocation of your investment. Please make sure to justify your asset allocation. Discuss the objective you plan to pursue in your investment. Please justify the selection of your
objective. – Discuss any investment constraints that affect your asset allocation References: A minimum of 5 references in APA is required. Paper Format
Your paper must be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font of size 12 and submitted in
Microsoft Word. All external sources must be cited using APA format. Your references must also follow
APA format. Your final report must also include a cover page containing the title of the assignment,
student’s name, professor’s name, course title, and the assignment date. Please be advised that the
cover page, references, and appendixes are not included in the required assignment page length.

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[Solved] Assignment 219387
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