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QuestionPart IInclusion of students with disabilities into the regular education classroom, is an important component of IDEA. Read arguments regarding inclusion (both pros and cons) from both of the websites listed below and write a response regarding inclusion and whether you believe it is practical or not.Including Students with Disabilities in General Education Classrooms (http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/eric/archived/e521.html)Inclusion: The Pros and Cons (http://www.sedl.org/change/issues/issues43.html)Part two-What is RTI, what impact does it have within the special education process, and how does this impact referrals to special education?Response needs to be 500 words. Yo need to use at least two citations from an academic source and cite everything you write in-text citation. APA format please. Please make sure the answer is original because I will check it before accepting it. I had a bad experienced before with a writer and now I always check the docs before accepting them.

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[Solved] Assignment 219414
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