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QuestionWhich society has the least sophisticated division of labor?industrialinformation based societieshunting and gatheringagriculturalWhich type of society has no permanent dwellings?agricultural societiesinformation based societiesagricultural societieshunting and gathering societiesFor at least 90% of human history, human societies were of which type?agricultural societiesindustrial societieshunting and gathering societiesinformation based societiesWhich of the following is not a byproduct of the domestication of plants and animals?people developed private propertysocial inequality began to be based on social classes, rather than on a person’s natural abilitiespeople learned to cook their foodpeople began to live in permanent settlementsWhich society has the smallest number of members?horticultural and pastoralagriculturalindustrialhunting and gatheringNextWhich society has the most sophisticated division of labor?industrialhorticultural and pastoralagriculturalhunting and gatheringThe switch from human and animal power to machine power is the hallmark of which type of society:industrialhunting and gatheringhorticultural and pastoralagriculturalBased on Mead’s perspective, individuals who powerfully impact the lives of children, such as parents or siblings are referred to as:reference groupsfamilial groupsgeneralized otherssignificant othersIn Freud’s theory of personality, the inborn drive for self-gratification is theidlibidosuperegoegoIn Freud’s theory of personality, the culture within us is represented by theegosuperegolibidoidIn Freud’s theory of personality, the mediator between the opposing forces of culture and desire is thelibidoegosuperegoidThe tendency for power in bureaucratic organizations to become concentrated in the hands of a few individuals is called:the dictator principleemergent autocrat phenomenonthe iron law of oligarchyauthoritarian driftWhich society is least characterized by organic solidarity?agriculturalindustrialhorticultural and pastoralhunting and gatheringWhich society is most characterized by mechanical solidarity?horticultural and pastoralhunting and gatheringindustrialagriculturalA social structure made up of a hierarchy of statuses and roles that is prescribed by explicit rules and procedures and based on a division of function and authority.primary groupreference groupinformal organizationbureaucracy______ are statuses so powerful that they often reorient our identities.conflicted statusesmaster statusesascribed statusesachieved statuses_______ are statuses that are given to us based largely on our purposive actions.conflicted statusesascribed statusesmaster statusesachieved statuses_______ are statuses that we inherit or receive involuntarily:conflicted statusesmaster statusesascribed statusesachieved statusesWhen a person enters a total institution, he or she is often greeted withthey are desocialized to away the individual’s current identity and stamp a new one in its placea health examination to determine if the person needs medical carean orientation session to explain the goals of the institutiona personal identity kit to be used while in the institutionAccording to the lecture, the ability to put one’s self in other peoples’ shoes and see things from their perspectiveis an innate characteristic of humansdevelops after the acquisition of languageis fully developed by the time a child can talkdevelops earlier in people living in tribal and primitive societiesBased on his observations and theorizing, Mead concluded thatthe “I” is the self as objectnot only the self, but also the human mind is a social productthe “me” is the self as subjectthe self, but not the human mind is a social productThe birthplace of sociology is generally considered to beEuropeCanadaAustraliaJapanthe United StatesOne of the most important aspects of the new attitude from the Enlightenment was an emphasis onmagicreligionreasonprayerSociology is best defined as:the study of social arrangements in the United Statesthe study of human social behaviorthe study of human individual traitsprimarily the study of pre-literate societiesWhich of the following is not a feature of hunting and gathering societies?Hunting and gathering societies have no written languageHunting and gathering societies have no concept of moneyHunting and gathering societies rely heavily on cultivated grains like barley and oatsHunting and gathering societies do not have domesticated livestockWhich of the following is an example of a social structure:Military rankReligious doctrinesAgricultureStone toolsThe idea of the “looking glass self” posits thatour self-concept is based largely on the opinions and reactions of other peopleno other animal besides chimpanzees and humans has a true sense of selfwe construct a social identity by putting our fantasies into actionthe self exists independently of societySociologists have concluded that the feral children discussed in the text weresocially isolateddemon possessedthrowbacks to an earlier evolutionary eraautisticThe earliest stage in Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development occurs when infants learn directly through their senses. Piaget called this theformal operational stagepreoperational stageconcrete operational stagesensorimotor stageA major accomplishment attained in the second stage of Piaget’s theory is the learning of symbols and language. This stage is called the:concrete operational stageformal operational stagesensorimotor stagepreoperational stageThe last stage in Piaget’s theory is called the:concrete operational stagepreoperational stagesensorimotor stageformal operational stageThe stage in Piaget’s theory in which children learn to do arithmetic and take the role of the other is called the:preoperational stageconcrete operational stageformal operational stagesensorimotor stagePsychologist Harry Harlow conducted experiments with rhesus monkeys raised in isolation and concluded that these monkeyswere not able to adjust to life with other monkeyspreferred food to comfortwould not seek emotional support from artificial mothersinstinctively adapted to social roles

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[Solved] Assignment 219424
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