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Subject: Business    / General Business
Question 1.1.(TCO 3) What group or groups do interest groups overrepresent? (Points : 3)
The wealthy and specialized interest groups
Businesses and nonprofit organizations
The wealthy and businesses
The larger interest groups and specialized interest groupsQuestion 2.2.(TCO 3) What U.S. groups that are underrepresented by interest groups took to the street in inner-city riots in the 1960s, thus demonstrating what a group or groups might do when they cannot express their grievances through legitimate channels? (Points : 3)
Poor people and Hispanic people
African American people and women
Poor people and African American people
Hispanic American people and womenQuestion 3.3.(TCO 3) A great deal of legislation originates in _____. (Points : 3)
economic downturns
corporate boardrooms
specialized agencies
secretQuestion 4.4.(TCO 3) Some interest groups maintain a low profile by promoting their objectives without _____ them. (Points : 3)
lobbying for
fully funding
openly debatingQuestion 5.5.(TCO 3) By welcoming new groups into their ranks, parties _____. (Points : 3)
rob those groups of their individual interests and concerns
give groups a pragmatic and psychological stake in the overall political system
establish a monocultural dependence on the party system
enhance political hegemony by disenfranchising voters outside of these groupsQuestion 6.6.(TCO 3) The American electoral system is based on the British “first past the post” (FPTP) system, named so because _____. (Points : 3)
third parties can “post” to earn representation
major parties are subject to intense scrutiny by third parties
it resembles a horse race; even a nose better wins
it tends to promote more equal representationQuestion 7.7.(TCO 3) Which of the following is an advantage to having less powerful, less centralized parties? (Points : 3)
Fluid and flexible parties may be better able to process demands from a wider range of citizens.
Multiple party platforms possess greater persuasive abilities over the general public.
Parties can form a stronger organizational identity based around a single, cohesive ideology.
Third parties can effectively shoot for power grabs at legislative seats.Question 8.8.(TCO 3) _____ gives people a stake in election outcomes, and education raises levels of interest and sophistication. (Points : 3)
Life in the suburbs
Family tradition
High incomeQuestion 9.9.(TCO 3) What impact does beginning to pay taxes have on young people’s relationship to voting? (Points : 3)
It tends to make them more likely to vote, but less likely to work for a given campaign.
Beginning to pay taxes tends to make them less interested in elections.
It tends to make them more liberal in their voting.
As they begin paying taxes, they become more interested in elections.Question 10.10.(TCO 3) _____ regions may harbor economic and cultural resentments at being ruled by a distant capital. (Points : 3)

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[Solved] Assignment 219425
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