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Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions
QuestionEvaluate the authors’ use of literature using the Use of Literature Checklist as a guide
Evaluate the research problem using the Problem Statement Checklist as a guide
Explain what it means for a research study to be justified and grounded in the literature; then, explain what it means for a problem to be originalArticle: Spencer, M. S., Rosland, A. M., Kieffer, E. C., Sinco, B. R., Valerio, M., Palmisano, G., . . . & Heisler, M. (2011). Effectiveness of a community health worker intervention among African American and Latino adults with type 2 diabetes: A randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Public Health, 101(12), 2253–2260. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2010.300106
Use of Literature ChecklistUse the following criteria to evaluate an author’s use of literature.Look for indications of the following ways the author used literature:
Introduce a problem
Introduce a theory
Provide direction to the research questions and/or hypotheses
Compare results with existing literature or predictions
Did the author mention the problem addressed by the study?
Is the purpose of the study stated?
Are key variables in the study defined?
Is information about the sample, population, or participants provided?
Are the key results of the study summarized?
Does the author provide a critique of the literature?
Are sources cited to support points?
Are the citations to recent literature (within the past 5 years with the exception of seminal works)?
Does the literature justify the importance of the topic studied?Problem Statement ChecklistProblem Statement ChecklistUse the following criteria to evaluate an author’s problem statement:Is a problem identified that leads to the need for this study?
Is a rationale or justification for the problem clearly stated?
Is the problem framed in a way that is consistent with the research approach?
Does the statement convey how the study will address the problem?
Are the citations to literature current (i.e., within the past 5 years with the exception of seminal works)?

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[Solved] Assignment 219437
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