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Subject: Business    / Accounting
See the Case Background document.
You have been retained by the Viking Mills bankruptcy trustee as a forensic accountant. To better
understand the business, you suggested to the trustee that you complete an analysis of the bank
records. The trustee agreed and subpoenaed the bank for Viking’s records. Your team painstakingly
reviewed these statements and created the file listed below.
The trustee has asked you several questions that you hope to answer with this analysis: On a monthly basis, can you quantify Viking Mills’ total inflow and outflow of money?
From Viking Mills’ account(s), how much money on a monthly basis went to (came from)
real estate-related activity (construction, etc.), the principals and their families, individuals,
and others?
Using your expertise in fraud investigation and forensic accounting, do you note any
irregular transactions or trends? If so, what are they and why do believe them to be
Do the financial transactions contain indications to imply the business may indeed have been
a Ponzi scheme? Discuss.
Based on what you learn from these transactions and from a forensic accounting
perspective, what analyses do you recommend completing next and what information do
you require to complete them?
What questions would you like to ask of the principals, the investors, or other parties? 3. PROJECT REQUIREMENTS
Analyze the provided financial transactions and complete the following: Write a short paper (approximately 2 pages) to answer the questions above, citing facts
gleaned from your analysis. Your paper should also describe the data and the modifications
you made to it.
Create at least two demonstratives to support your paper: one chart and one table. Presentation, formatting, style, and grammar count. Assume your paper will be retained in the
project file and might be used in trial preparation. It should respond to the questions above, be easy
to follow, succinct, and fact-based.
4. SUPPORTING DATA DataAnalytics Mod 12 VikingMills Categorization Student.xlsx These files represent six months of bank transactions in the various accounts held by Viking Mills.
The format of the file is Excel 2007. 1/22/2013 7:46 AM Page 1 of 2 ©2013 Matt Lausten DATA ANALYTICS: MODULE 12
Before you start your analysis, be sure to review the data you are using and, when necessary, limit the
data to that which answers the question(s).
You will need to add columns to the data prior to presenting it in tabular or chart format. Think
through what data element(s) you need to add prior to starting.
Your team was not able to identify the payor or payee for every transaction. Be sure not to omit
these transactions from your analysis.
For this type of analysis, do not net inflow against outflow. Depict each separately.
You may find resources on PivotCharts or PivotTables helpful to prepare your analysis. There are
several helpful websites out there to explain how to use these if you are not familiar with them. The
VLOOKUP function may be a useful tool to aid your analysis and classification.
Keep in mind that, in demonstratives, less information is generally better than more. Identify the
key point(s) you wish to highlight and use the chart or table to make your point clear.
This project is intended for master’s level students and assumes a general understanding of
accounting, financial statement analysis, and financial fraud investigation techniques. Unless
directed otherwise by the instructor, answer the questions from each project in isolation (i.e., your
paper should not assume any other work has been completed and should stand on its own).
This case and all of the supporting data is intended to be fictional. Any similarity to actual
individuals or companies is coincidental in nature only and is not intended to represent any real
financial transactions. This case study is intended to allow students to analyze a complicated set of
financial records while studying fraud examination.

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[Solved] Assignment 219439
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