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QuestionOnce you have established the research topic and framed your researchquestion(s) you will need to consider how you will tackle thesequestions. This involves taking decisions related to the methodology tobe followed as well as the chosen methods for data collection andanalysis (quantitative or qualitative).TO PREPARE FOR THIS INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT:* Review your WEEK 3 Individual Assignment and Instructor feedback (Inthe attachments).* Consider how you may develop your ideas further, includingepistemological stance, methodology, validity and reliability of theresearch design, data collection methods, sampling techniques,participant profile, data access, and ethics.TO COMPLETE THIS INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT:BY DAY 7 (TUESDAY)Prepare a report of approximately 1,500 words in which you:* Discuss your chosen methodology and method for the collection ofyour data* Indicate which methodology (such as survey, case study, actionresearch) you wish to employ and why* Explain how this is consistent with your epistemological stance* Discuss the threats to validity and reliability contained in thisresearch design* Describe the data collection method(s) you will use (such asquestionnaire, interviews, focus groups), and justify how these will besufficient to answer your research question* Describe your sampling technique and the reasons for the profile ofyour respondents when collecting primary data* What are the problems that you may encounter in gaining access toyour data? Provide strategies that can be useful to help you solve theseproblems* Are there any ethical issues that you need to consider?* Provide a brief discussion on how you plan to analyse your data andthe tools that you may need for a proper analysis based on your methodBy DAY 7 (TUESDAY), submit your Individual Assignment to the TurnitinLink provided.Be sure to read over your Individual Assignment before submitting it toyour Instructor. Make sure the spelling and grammar are correct and thelanguage, citing and referencing you use when providing your opinion areappropriate for academic writing.This assignment is graded. See the rubric for specific gradingcriteria.To submit your Individual Assignment to Turnitin, click the“View/Complete” link for WEEK 7 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT — TURNITIN.YOU MUST READ THE ATTACHED TO KNOW WHAT YOU WILL WRITE ABOUT, FOLLOWING:MODULE TEXTCollis, J. & Hussey, R. (2013) _Business Research: A Practical Guide forUndergraduate and Postgraduate Students_.

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[Solved] Assignment 219450
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