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Subject: Economics    / General Economics
Question7. In an agricultural experiment to determine the effects of a particular insecticide, a field was planted with corn. Half the plants were sprayed with the insecticide, and half were unsprayed. Several weeks later, independent random samples of 200 sprayed plants and 200 unsprayed plants were examined. The number of healthy plants in each sample was as follows:Sprayed healthy is 131, sprayed unhealthy is 69. unsprayed healthy is 111, unsprayed unhealthy is 89.If the significance level is set at 0.05, does the evidence indicate that a higher proportion ofsprayed than of unsprayed plants were healthy? Use a one tailed test (note – since the nullis that the proportions are equal, use this information to construct a pooled estimate of theproportion).i used test stat to get the z which equals (p1-p2)/sqrt[ p1(1-p1)/n1 -p2(1-p2)/n2 ]=2.045, but i dont know what to do next, i appreciate if you can provide the full steps of this question,

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[Solved] Assignment 219457
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