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Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions
QuestionTarget Market Characteristics Worksheet(Entrepreneurship: A Real-World Approach, Rhonda Abrams, page 109)Use this worksheet to identify the major characteristics of your target market.What are the demographic characteristics of your market? (For individuals, list age, gender, marital status, income, education level, and so on. For businesses, list years in business, annual revenue, and industry.)Describe the geographic area you are targeting (country, region, state or province, city, suburb, ZIP Codes, and so on).How do your customers spend their time? For businesses, how do they relate to their employees and community? Describe their lifestyle/business style.What are the psychographic aspects of your customers (i.e., their motivations, based on emotions, desires, lifestyle, and values)?How and where do your customers make their purchases? How long do they wait between purchases?What factors are most important to your customers when deciding to buy? What kind of trade-offs are they willing to make? What trade-offs will they absolutely resist?

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[Solved] Assignment 219471
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