[Solved] Assignment 219476


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Subject: Business    / General Business
QuestionThis is a project that evaluates the social media strategy of the company/organization BARKBOX. You will carefully examine how BARKBOX is performing on the different social media platforms.Their website is: https://barkbox.cominstagram: @barkboxfacebook: https://www.facebook.com/barkbox/twitter: barkbox.com/twitterpinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/barkbox/Your analysis should cover the following topics:A brief description of the company/organization BARKBOX.
A detailed description of the brand/product or activity. What is the target market?
Overview of the social media activity across different social media platforms (at least 3).Company Reach (number of followers, group members, view counts etc)
Company Posts (how often the company post on social media)
Feedback (number of comments, likes, replies)
Average Response Time (response time to user comments)
Sentiment Analysis (number of positive, neutral and negative mentions on each social media platforms)Your final paper should include figures, exhibits, screenshots and/or links. You must include a bibliography, and cite your sources according to a standard format.

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[Solved] Assignment 219476
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