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Subject: Health Care    / Nursing
QuestionCapstoneProject Milestone 1:Practice Issue and EvidenceSummaryWorksheetsStudent Name: Date:DirectionsRefer to the guidelines for specific details on how to complete this assignment.Type your answers directly into the worksheets below.Submit to the Dropbox by the end of Week 3, Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT.Post questions about this assignment to the Q & A Forum. You may also email questions to the instructor for a private response.Practice Issue Worksheet-My PICO(T) is about hourly rounding on patients every hour and if it would increase patient satisfaction.P- Emergency department patients age 18-65 years oldI- Intentional hourly roundingC- non-intentional roundingO- patient satisfaction scoresT- 6 monthsWhat is the Practice Issue?Define the scope of the Practice Issue:What is the practice area?___ Clinical___ Education___ Administration___ Other (list)_________________________________How was the practice issue identified? (check all that apply)___ Safety/risk management concerns___ Unsatisfactory patient outcomes___ Wide variations in practice___ Significant financial concerns___ Difference between hospital and community practice___ Clinical practice issue is a concern___ Procedure or process is a time waster___ Clinical practice issue has no scientific base__ Other:Describe the rationale for your checked selections:What evidence must be gathered? (check all that apply)___ Literature search___ Guidelines___ Expert Opinion___ Patient Preferences___ Clinical Expertise___ Financial Analysis___ Standards (Regulatory, professional, community)___ OtherDescribe the rationale for your checked selections:Evidence Summary WorksheetDirections: Please type your answers directly into the worksheet.Describe the practice problem in your own words with reference to the identified population, setting and magnitude of the problem in measurable terms:Find a source of evidence that is a systematic review article on a nursing topic that is relevant to your practice problem. Write the complete APA reference for the systematic review article you selected:Define the search terms for your systematic review:Identify the objectives of the article.Provide a statement of the questions being addressed in the work and how they relateto your practice issue:Summarize (in your own words) the interventions the author(s) suggest to improve patient outcomes.Summarize the main findings by the authors of your systematic review including the strength of evidence for each main outcome. Consider the relevance to your project proposal for the Milestone 2 project paper.Outline evidence-based solutions that you will consider for your project.Discuss any limitations to the studies performed that you believe impacts your ability to utilize the research in your project.Attachments
Milestone1_Evidence_Guidelines.docx (53.4 KB)
Milestone1_Evidence_Worksheet.docx (35.35 KB)

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[Solved] Assignment 219486
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