[Solved] Assignment 219502


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Subject: Health Care    / Clinical Medicine
QuestionPREPARING THE ASSIGNMENT1. Writing the Paper: You will explore the topic and explain the information in writing a 3?4 page APA formattedpaper.a. Select a minimum of three (3) scholarly nursing or research article (published within the last 5 years) related to your topic that include health promotion and wellness content. Studentsin a cultural concentration will select at least one article specifically related to the cultural focus for this assignment. You may need to evaluate several articles before you find appropriate selections. For more information on how to choose a scholarly article, open the “Course Resources” tab under the “Course Home” Menu to the left of your Learning Studio (eCollege) course page and open “What Is a Scholarly Source.”b. Write a 3 page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) using the following guidelines:? Write brief introduction of the topic and describe why it is important to health promotion in thespecific cultural population in your area.Include a description of the topic and the targeted sub culture or population (include statistics).Explain how the project relates to the Healthy People 2020 topic area you have chosen.Summarize the articles; include key points or findings from the articles.Discuss how you used the information from the articles for your Health Promotion Project. Providespecific examples.Describe the approach/approaches you developed to educate the target population about the topic.Include specific ways to promote lifestyle changes within the specified population relative to yourspecific culture. The approach should be appropriate for your cultural concentration.Write your conclusion and summary.c. Your paper must follow APA format. Include a title page and a reference page. Use 12?point Times NewRoman font and include in?text citations (use citations whenever paraphrasing, using statistics, or quotingfrom the article). Please refer to your APA manual as a guide for in?text citations and sample referencepages.d. Use TurnItIn in time to make any edits that might be necessary based on the Similarity Index prior tosubmitting your paper to your instructor.

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[Solved] Assignment 219502
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