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Subject: Business    / Finance
QuestionPrices of bond futures can be used to access the market’s expectations about future interest rates and therefore can be used as the basis for pricing other financial securities. A 10-year annual coupon bond with face value $1,000 is currently selling for $890. The futures price of this bond for delivery in 1 year is $831.5. The bond pays coupon of $80 annually. Assume that the coupon is paid before the delivery of the bond.a) What is the 1-year interest rate implied by the spot and futures prices of bonds? (Hint: Recall the PV formula of bond prices for a one-year horizon.)b) In the gold futures market, the spot price of gold is $1412 per ounce. There is no storage cost. What is the futures price per ounce of gold for delivery in one year? Suppose there is no uncertainty in interest rates.c) Suppose your friend Emily has also longed a forward contract on gold for delivery one year from now. But the contract was entered last year. The forward price she locked in was $1400. Clearly her contract is valuable now because the gold price has risen since last year, and no one is able to lock in such a low price now. What is the maximum amount you would pay now for having her contract? Does it violate the proposition that forward and futures contracts should have zero value at the time of initiation? Explain.d) A jewelry producer just received an order that is worth $1 million from a department store for gold necklaces to be delivered in 6 months. The producer will be paid in 6 months. He can’t buy gold now because he can’t afford the storage cost. Suppose the gold necklaces can be produced instantaneously. What is the risk of the producer? What hedging strategy would you recommend to him? Explain briefly why the strategy would work.

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[Solved] Assignment 219505
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