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Subject: Computer Science    / Algorithms
QuestionIFSM 310 3D Printing Stage 4 AssignmentBefore you begin this assignment, be sure you:· Have completed all previously assigned readings.· Read the “3D Printing Case Study.”· Reviewed the feedback on your 3D Printing Stage 1, 2 and 3 Assignments.It is now a year later, and Mark has opened his two new facilities in Memphis, Tennessee and Phoenix, Arizona. All three locations are operating almost around the clock to create 3D printed accessibility and assistive devices. Mark and his father are planning to open several more facilities, also located near Veterans Administration Hospitals and rehab facilities.Mark does not want to continue to increase his IT infrastructure at the original location and has decidedto move all of his systems and files to a cloud service provider. You have recommended that since he has everything set up the way he wants it and the systems are performing well for him, that he just move what he has to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud provider. Before Mark agrees to this, he wants to understand more about just how that would work, using his current systems and locations. He also has a lot of questions about how the communications systems work, and he wants to understand the protocols, the architecture and the four layer TCP model.Use the following outline for your paper:1. Provide an opening paragraph as anintroductionthat explains what is contained in the paper. (You might write this after you develop the rest of your paper.)2. Explain what IT infrastructurechangeswill occur at the original location by telling Mark which components will be located at the IaaS cloud provider’s location and what will remain at his facility. Explain any changes that are needed at the two remote locations in order to use the IaaS cloud services. Provide a list of which components will be located at the cloud location, at Mark’s primary facility, and at the two remote locations.3. Create anoriginal graphical representationshowing the cloud provider and the three current locations. Show which components will be located at the cloud provider’s site and which will remain at the three locations. Label each component and the locations.4. List theprotocolinvolved for each communication link in the design, including internet connectivity, wired connections, and wireless connections. Be sure to include security protocols, as appropriate to the infrastructure design you created and the components you identified.5. Explain the concept of alayered systems architectureto aid in communications and thebenefitof a layered architecture such as the TCP or OSI model.6. Using the four layer TCP model, explain whateach layer’s functionis andhow it will applywhen Mark uses hisERP information systemthat will be located at the cloud service provider’s location.7. Using the four layerTCP model, explain what happens when apacketof information travels from the server at the cloud provider to a tablet device at Mark’s facility. Be sure to identify the points at which each of the layers of the model are the primary enabler of the communication.Formatting:· All parts of the assignment except for the graphic should be about 3-4 single spaced pages in length, and be in Microsoft Word format, or a format that can be read in Word.· Part 3 is an original graphic diagram that should be included in the same document.· Compare your work to the Grading Rubric below to be sure you have met content and quality criteria.· Your submission should includeyour last name first in the filename:Lastname_firstname_Stage_4

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[Solved] Assignment 219512
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