[Solved] Assignment 219814


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Subject: Business    / Accounting
1.A restrictive endorsement on a check
a)permits the bank to use its best judgement
b)can be further endorsed by someone else
c)is the safest endorsement for businesses
d) none of these are correct2. The one who pays the check is the:
d)payer3. Key points in working with a checkbook should include
a)the number of the check is printed on the check
b)the amount written in words should start on the far lef
c).the stub will be used in recording transactions and future reference
d)all of the above4. An example of electronic funds transfer is:
a)the same as a deposit in transit
b)a transfer of funds without the use of paper checks
c)a transfer of funds by writing a check
d)all of these are correct

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[Solved] Assignment 219814
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