[Solved] Assignment 219947


Assignment Details

Subject: Psychology    / General Psychology
Lab 1: Classical Conditioning
Read Sniffy Lite 3.0 Chapters 2 & 3 and complete the exercises within the chapters. Please
complete your lab report using the following items and questions as a guide. Please remember to
put your name on the report.
Exercises 1-3
1. Describe your procedure. Be sure to include the following components within your
description: (30 points)
a. Intertrial Interval
b. Number of Trials
c. Independent Variables
d. Dependent Variables
e. US, CS, UR, CR
f. Acquisition
g. Extinction
h. Spontaneous Recovery
2. How long did Sniffy take to develop his conditioned fear response? How does a CR differ
from the UR after conditioning? Can you tell a difference between Sniffy’s CR and UR?
Why or why not can you tell the difference? (10 points)
3. Explain why this is considered Pavlovian/classical conditioning. Why are Sniffy’s fear
responses are not considered punishment training? (10 points)
4. Give a specific example of how Sniffy’s fears might be classically conditioned in the real
world. Describe how your own behavior has been classically conditioned. Describe how
classical conditioning may be used to improve some aspect of your life (give specific
examples). (10 points)
5. As the strength of Sniffy’s fear response increases, the value of the movement ratio increases,
but the value of the suppression ratio decreases. Why? How can two measures of the same
thing move in opposite directions as the strength of the thing measured increases? (10 points)
6. Why do you think that most psychologists using live rats use the suppression ratio and not
the movement ratio as their response measure? (10 points)

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[Solved] Assignment 219947
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