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Subject: Business    / Finance
Assessment1. If lenders want to assess the likelihood of borrowers being able to make interest payments, they would most likely look at which ratios?A) Liquidity ratiosB) Profitability ratiosC) Activity ratiosD) Inventory ratiosE) Receivables ratios
Quiz 2 – Spring 20162. Which of the following is true regarding depreciation methods and deferred taxes?
A) Companies report lower depreciation and higher net income using accelerated depreciation for fixed assets
B) Companies report higher depreciation and net income using straight line depreciation for fixed assets
C) Using accelerated depreciation methods for fixed assets provides for higher reported net income than straight line depreciationD) The primary source of deferred taxes is from companies’ use of accelerated depreciation in reporting net income to the Internal Revenue ServiceQuiz 2 – Spring 20163. An apparel company sold its manufacturing facilities and recorded the proceeds as revenue. This is an example of which unethical behaviorA) fraud
B) shifting expenses to a later periodC) income smoothing
D) boosting income with one-time gainE) recording revenue too soon

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[Solved] Assignment 219978
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